Farrier since 26 years, a professional practice trainer for 14 years, these years of experience have led me to contribute expertise on the initial and continuing training of the Farriery.


So I developed a pedagogical tool:




It is a collection of realistic reproductions of horse hooves, and thus a way to learn to adjust, even to forge an horse shoes without taking the risk of injuring the animal.



By using modern and artisanal technical means, I am able to reproduce all the diversity in terms of size and shape on which a farrier is brought to work.


                 Antoine Zaccone


The collection is composed of:


-a line of aluminium.


It is perfectly resistant to contact with hot horseshoes, produces no smoke and resists corrosion. These parameters make models of this line of tools indestructible under normal conditions of use.



-a line of resin.



This resin resists high temperatures, however, it is not recommended to put it in contact with a hot horseshoes.